About Us

Fasframe was created by Louis D. Burciaga as a dream that now has been materialized by designing engraved acrylic frames that will make your vinyl records to be the focus of your gatherings and parties. Our frames are unique because there is nothing in the market that assimilate to our product.  Louis also has a huge collection of vinyl records that he has been acquiring during his life and now he would like to share it with all the public.
    We are proud to announce that we are based in Houston Texas serving all of our local and out of state customers.
    Our frames will give you the flexibility to change your favorite records to be display whenever you want it. By simple removing the acrylic frame from the part that is attached to your wall.
Frame’s characteristics:
Easy to handle
Customized designs
Frame’s measurements:
Depth: 1″.00
Height: 18″.75
Width: 14″.75

        We only use the best materials in our line of production to deliver to all our cutomers quality products that will last for a lifetime. Small sells, big sells no problem, we can help you. We can garantee you full satisfaction in all the products you purchased from us.
Our Slogan: Easy access lets you rotate your albums
Your friend 
Louis D. Burciaga